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TCL 400/410 alarm clock (Amplicomms)

TCL 400/410 alarm clock (Amplicomms)

Amplicomms TCL 400/410 alarm clock
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November 2020

This product is indicated so that people with hearing and / or reduced or null vision can wake up safely, without having to depend on other people and above all without having to disturb the environment with very loud alarm sounds. The alarm clock has the following characteristics:

  • Ideal for people with limited visual and / or hearing abilities.
  • External vibrator. No need for alarm sound. It will not disturb family or neighbors.
  • Very high LCD panel brightness and effective indicator lights.
  • Three levels of alarm sound, up to 95 dB.
  • Automatic time setting, by radio signal.
  • Possibility of using backup battery: button cell.
  • Smoke detector sound magnification.
  • USB port to charge the mobile phone.

Forms of acquisition:

The device has an approximate price of 60 euros without shipping costs included in Amazon and with shipping costs included in the peninsula in Bienestar Senior.

The purchase can be made through Amazon at the following link:

The purchase can be made through Bienestar Senior at the following link:

The contents of the box are as follows:

  • Alarm clock.
  • Power supply 5 V, 2 A.
  • Vibrating pad.
  • Manual.

Warranty and support

The legal warranty offered by the manufacturer is 2 years from the date of purchase.

The manufacturer offers telephone support available on its website:

Weight and measurements

Total weight: 510 g

Watch weight: 388 g

Pad weight: 117 g

Watch dimensions: 41 x 250 x 110 mm

Vibration pad dimensions: 26.2 x 95.3 x 92.9 mm


Technical assessment:

The technical performance of the Amplicomms TCL 400/410 alarm clock has been tested.

TCL 400/410 alarm clock


First of all, it should be noted that the Amplicomms TCL 400/410 alarm clock is compact and features a large number display, allowing easy viewing.

Time setting

-Automatic: Although the instruction manual indicates that it is possible to receive the time signal automatically, the device does not always manage to do so. This is because the reception of the signal is done by radio waves from Berlin and depends on factors such as the weather, the reception hours, etc. In this way, the device can receive the signal in the first 7 minutes of operation or it can take several hours.

-Manual: It is a simple process that is well described in the product's instruction manual. It allows you to configure:

  • GMT time zone.
  • Hour and minutes.
  • 12Hr format or 24Hr format.
  • Snooze time (between 5 and 60 min).

In addition, the repeat / dimmer key allows you to set the screen brightness to (HI / MED / LO). This function is not available when the alarm is sounding.

Repeat / fader function


Setting the alarm is a simple process and well explained in the instruction manual. In addition to activating the alarm time, you can activate:

-Vibration: When the alarm is activated, the pad begins to vibrate. It has 2 vibration intensities Hi (high), LO (low) that can be chosen when setting the alarm. Vibration only occurs at the pad.

TCL 350 watch vibrating pad

-Tone: This alarm clock has 3 alarm tones available, F1 (low tone, 800 kHz), F2 (medium tone, 1 kHz) and F3 (high tone, 1.5 kHz).

-Flash: When setting the alarm, the flash mode can be activated so that a light turns on during the alarm.


-Volume: It consists of a roulette in the back to be able to regulate the volume.


-Repeat function: It is possible to activate the snooze once it sounds. It can be configured (before it sounds) to repeat after a certain time (between 5 and 60 minutes).

The alarm can be activated only with the vibration option, with sound and vibration, with flash and vibration or with flash, sound and vibration.

Use with batteries

It incorporates the function of adding a button battery so that in the event of a power outage, the watch does not lose the time or the alarm settings.

When the power goes out, the screen turns off, regardless of whether there is a battery or not. However, if there is a battery, it is capable of saving the time and when the light comes back on, turning on the screen without losing the clock time, even with no light for more than 10 hours. When the light returns, if there is no battery, it emits the automatic reception of the hourly signal, which does not emit if there is a battery.

If the outage occurs during the period that the alarm should sound, the alarm does not work.

Smoke detector sound magnification

Activating the smoke detector is very simple, since it is only necessary to hold down the Smoke key and the led on the corresponding screen with Fire will light up indicating that it is activated.

When the microphone of your alarm clock receives an alarm from a smoke detector, the Fire led starts flashing and the alarm will warn you by:

  • Flashing indicator
  • Alarm tone (depending on the alarm volume)
  • Flash
  • Vibration

Note: This function is not a smoke detector, it amplifies the sound emitted by the smoke detector you have installed in the house, and it could not be tested because there was no fire detector in the house.

The following information can be found in the manual. ATTENTION: The smoke detector indication is limited to a range of 2,5 to 3 meters from the smoke detector. Long-distance smoke detector indication, for example, across an entire room is not possible.

Smoke detector sound magnification scheme

Mobile phone charge

On the back of the watch, you can find a USB port where you can connect your mobile phone and charge it. Perform the function correctly.

It can be useful when there are not enough plugs in the room or if you want to have your mobile close by and only have one plug.

When the light goes out, it stops performing the function even if the battery is in. When the light returns and the signal reception led stops flashing, the mobile recharges.

TCL 400/410 alarm clock rear


It is a very useful product for people with reduced or no vision and / or hearing, since it allows them to gain independence to be able to wake up.

The operation is simple and the design nice with a large display with very clear numbers.

Automatic time reception functions are highly dependent on weather factors, reception hours, etc.

In summary, a good product that fulfills the functions it indicates, but to improve in some aspect to get 100% utility.


  • The length of the pillow cord, so that it can be attached to any point on the pillow.
  • Large numbered screen, allowing easy viewing. In addition, the brightness of the screen can be regulated.
  • It allows you to configure the alarm with great versatility, being able to activate only the vibration, or vibration and sound, or vibration and flash, or all three at the same time. In addition, it has different levels of sound and vibration.
  • It includes a USB charging port and a smoke detector sound amplifier.

Improvement points

  • Automatic reception depends on weather and time factors, making reception not always possible in the first minutes of operation.
  • When the power goes out, the screen turns off even though it is keeping the time thanks to the battery, which does not allow to detect if the battery is working or is dead. It could include a battery symbol to know how much the battery has left, which appears at all times on the screen, since, even if the battery is not used, it can be discharged.
  • Only one alarm can be set.
  • When there is a power cut in the period that the alarm should sound, it does not work.


Technical evaluation scores.

Design and manufacturing:
Refers to the physical aspects and details of the manufacturing of the technological product
Technical benefits:
Description of the quality of the technical specifications of the technological solution
User experience:
This criterion is linked to the user's assessment of the product or application
It is the degree to which people can use or access a product, technological solution or service, regardless of their technical, cognitive or physical capabilities.

Social valuation:

After the period of use of the alarm clock carried out by the volunteer Pepe, the technical review is completed with certain points of interest, although a large part of their comments have already been taken into account during the description of said technical review.

Pepe's first impression of the product is very good, the alarm clock is of a beautiful, functional and useful design, the wide screen with quite large numbers and the white vibrating pad makes it pleasant. In addition, it highlights the independence that it produces by not needing third parties to wake up.

Regarding the installation, Pepe emphasizes that it is very easy and intuitive. However, you have not been able to make use of the automatic time setting by having to set it manually or make full use of the product using batteries.

After testing the alarm clock for several days, it confirms its effectiveness, comfort and success in waking up people with hearing or visual disabilities. By being able to configure whether you want strong or soft vibration, alarm volume and lighting, it ensures both waking up safely and not disturbing family or neighbors.

Another issue that stands out is the size of the pillow, since it takes up little space and does not interfere under the pillow. In addition, it has enough cable to place anywhere below it.

The buttons are comfortable to be able to change the options of vibration, sound and lights.


Social valuation scores.

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Usability and accessibility:
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Ease of acquisition:
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