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What does it consist of:

shimmer is a mobile application of Oculus VR, which works alongside Gear VR glasses to help visually impaired people see better. The name they have given to the app is because Relumino means in Latin "to illuminate again"
The app processes the images of the videos projected through the rear camera of a smartphone and makes the images more suitable for those with some visual impairment. Thus, its users can enlarge and reduce the image, highlight its outline, adjust the contrast and brightness, reverse the color and add color filters to the screen. Thus, visually impaired people can obtain clearer images when they want to read a book or visualize an object.
The software reassigns the images that are invisible to those affected by the so-called 'tunnel vision' to place them in the visible parts of the eye, that is, correct the loss of peripheral vision to pass it to central vision. When users define the size of a blind spot for the first time, the application places the blind spot in the visible surrounding parts and places the images within the tunnel or visible range. Samsung says that "unlike other visual aids of similar quality that often cost thousands of dollars, Relumino users can enjoy equivalent features at a much more affordable price."
This device is included in the catalog of Technoaccessible and functionally characterized, you can check it in: .

Forms of Acquisition:

The free application can be purchased in Oculus VR once the application is open, the way to enable it can be seen on the Samsung website: 
It is compatible with Gear VR devices from Samsung, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 +

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