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  • GPS position
  • position visualization
  • GPS position
  • Position lost
  • Located team
  • route visualization
  • system error
  • IOS notification
  • Emergency button
  • User profile
  • my places
  • battery warning

What is it about:

October 2019
Safe 365 is an evolution of the well-known help and location application in Alpify mountain environments. In this case Safe 365 is oriented to the location in all types of rural and urban environments and has a much wider field of application and everyday use.
The application allows you to locate several members of a group and determine if these people have left a pre-configured point of interest or register routes in real time that can be displayed on the map.
The application is available for both Android and IOS and is free to use.

Forms of acquisition:

Safe 365 is a free application with versions available for Android and IOS.

To download the Android version of the application, click on the following link:

To download the IOS version of the application, click on the following link:

Warranty and support

For any incident related to the application you can contact the developer company in the following email:

Technical verification:

We have tested version 3.8.12 of the Safe 365 application for a few days and in the following lines we tell you our assessment.

The tests of this application have been developed with an Android terminal (Samsung J5) and an iPhone 6 plus terminal.

In the realization of the tests we have participated 2 people, Alvaro of the Tecsos and Aurora Foundation as a volunteer. First, it should be noted that the application is free download both in its version of Android and IOS. Both are easily locatable and installable.
Initial use of the app

Once the application is downloaded it is advisable to edit the user profile and then add the people you want to be in your localized team.

It is important to detail that unlike other localization applications, in this there is no role of carer and a role of care, but all care for everyone and everyone is cared for by all. The application seems to be focused on family use, but it moves away from what can be parental control in a unidirectional way and is a more open model since everyone knows everyone's position. It is true that users can disable the sending of position, but in our understanding we believe that in future versions it would be good to be able to configure the roles of each user from the beginning through a guided process

Design and usability

The design of the application is fresh and attractive and makes the visualizations of the positions on the map intuitive and clear. It should be noted that there is a blocking point in case that the user touches the map to expand it, because it can not go back unless it selects a user's icon on the map. This should be corrected in future versions to allow a way back to the main menu.

Emergency button

The emergency button is one of the main options of the application, it is large and simple to use. After its pulsation and subsequent confirmation, only one call is sent with position sending to the emergency services associated with 112. Under our point of view, this option is useful in critical situations, but it would be very useful to configure the recipient of that call to be able to notify family members or caregivers. (This appears as a possibility in the tutorial of the application, but we have not managed to activate it during the tests)

Indicactions of battery, connectivity, activity and distance walked

There are certain indicators that are displayed on the profile screen of each member of the group that allow you to view the level of battery, connectivity, activity and walking distance of that person.

The battery and connectivity indicator are usually updated correctly, although the activity and distance traveled indicators present more problems when displaying updated data. Regarding the indicator of distance traveled, the data shown is that accumulated since 00:00 on the same day. 

GPS position

The display of the GPS position of each user of the group is the main value of the application. This is shown with a small icon of the profile of each user of the group. By clicking on each member of the group we can see other data associated with their profile and the status of their mobile terminal. In general, the position has been updated correctly during the tests, however, there have been times when the position has not been updated and it would be convenient to continue working to improve the availability of the system so that these positions are always displayed in an updated manner.


The main notifications that are sent to the group are the entry and exit of places of interest previously configured for each user, such as home, work or school.

In addition, it is possible to configure a low battery level alert so that when this situation occurs, a notification is sent to the group contacts.

Regarding notifications in general we must say that they need to improve in future versions of the application since during the test weeks only about 30% of the alerts have been made from Android to IOS, and no IOS events have been reported to Android


The route functionality can be activated within the "My safe 365" menu by accessing "Sharing exact location" and activating the "Route" tab. The route functionality is in our opinion one of the best in this application because once it is activated it allows to visualize very clearly on the map the route followed by one of the group's members. We think that this is a very useful functionality to be able to visualize the path of people suffering from cognitive deterioration or Alzheimer's. The route was shown correctly during the tests performed.


Respecto a la accesibilidad para personas con dificultades de visión cabe decir que los contrastes de los menús son en general aceptables y las etiquetas para lectores de pantallas están identificadas. Las posiciones en el mapa son dadas mediante coordenadas, 


Safe 365 is a friendly application, with good features and a lot of future if you take into account some aspects such as improving availability so that the service is always active and you can know the position of all users almost in real time.


  • The aesthetics and list of features of the application have been chosen with great success.
  • The possibility of visualizing routes in real time brings a lot of value to the care of people.
  • The possibility of enjoying free use in all the functionalities of the application.
    Improvement points

Improvement points

  • Notifications, updating positions and other indicators
  • Make it possible to call group contacts using the emergency button.
  • Los tutoriales son de gran utilidad, pero sería mejor una guía de pasos sencillos que fuese acompañando el proceso inicial de uso y configuración de la app.
  • Design and manufacturing: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    Refers to the physical aspects and details of the manufacturing of the technological product
  • User Experience: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    This criterion is linked to the user's assessment of the product or application
  • Technical features: 3 sobre 5(3/5)
    Description of the quality of the technical specifications of the technological solution
  • Accessibility: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    It is the degree to which people can use or access a product, technological solution or service, regardless of their technical, cognitive or physical capabilities

Social valuation:

In this section some details about the user tests of the application are summarized, however, most important aspects have already been detailed in the technical verification section.

While it is true that during the tests conducted there were no real emergency situations, Aurora visualized certain situations in the care of her mother or follow-up of close relatives in which it was interesting to have an emergency button to call the caregiver, firstly, before triggering a call to the emergency services.

The tutorials were found after the first use of the application, so at this moment certain doubts had already arisen regarding the functionalities offered by the application, so it proposes that this information be offered on the first use.

The application has resulted from relatively simple use and is visually appealing.

During the period of use with an Iphone terminal the battery consumption has not been excessive nor in the moments in which routes were shared.

Regarding the features that have been more attractive to the application is to share the route and the entry and exit of previously configured areas, although in this last point notifications and updating of positions have not been made with sufficient reliability with respect to the concrete actions.

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