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What does it consist of:

People with Down syndrome are unique and special, that is why they require special care that returns all the love they give us. Looking for ways to take care of them and protect their health, we found this innovative app.
Specifically, the application provides us with different functionalities to control the health of people with Down syndrome, in addition to having different accessories. How would it be information about this group, location of medical specialists near our location, etc ...
These benefits make it a very innovative app and it arises precisely in an area in which there were not many applications aimed at other groups.

Forms of acquisition:

We can download the application for free from both the Android Play Store and the IOS App Store, since this application has been developed for both operating systems.
Download the iOS version at the following link:
Download link Health DownIOs
The app is currently not available on the Play Store.

Technical assessment:

Author: Julian Maria Morejon Carmona
Date: March 2021
This innovative application covers most aspects related to the health of people with Down Syndrome, adding very interesting complements, to try to complement all the possibilities that may arise in terms of issues related to people in the group.
In this review we will do an analysis of the app, developed by Down Spain, for devices with both Android and IOs, since it is available in both operating systems, using Android version 9.0 in the analysis and version 13.4.1 in IOs .XNUMX.


Next, we proceed with the detailed analysis of the application.
After having installed the app, when we open it, we will be asked to login or register to be able to access the functionality, a quick process that should not take long to perform, therefore, starting to use it is very simple.
Once logged into the system, the main interface will appear where we will see five options available in the bottom bar of the app: 
- Home: shows us four options to choose from:
 o Health information: gives us access to different articles of information related to medical issues about users.
 o Health control: gives us access to a section for the reviews that we must make of people, according to their different ages.
 o What is Down Syndrome ?: It provides us with fundamental and historical data about people with Down Syndrome.
 o News and current affairs: provides access to a large number of current articles about the group and also shows those that have been most relevant.
Home Interface Health Down
- Schedule: this section allows us to view the different medical appointments that we have grouped in the calendar as well as add new ones.
Down Health Agenda interface
- Experts: very relevant section, since it allows us to select the location where we are and the type of doctor we are looking for to show us on the map of the area where we are located, undoubtedly a very pioneering and quite useful option.
Down Health Specialists Interface
- Profile: groups options referring to the configuration of the user or family members belonging to the group. In addition to providing forms of contact with various organizations related to Down Syndrome, very interesting when we want to find an organization that is close to our location.
Options available in the Down Health profile
- Search: it acts as a normal search engine where we can search for any term we need.
Search Down Health Interface
As you can see, the application is very complete, in addition the organization is adequate and does not saturate since it is duly separated into multiple sections that include the different characteristics.
Also add that it is innovative both in its functionalities and in its interface, with some very good and quite remarkable icon designs so that they can be differentiated correctly.
If we summarize, the application is necessary for anyone who wants to add an extra level of care and affection to people with Down Syndrome, undoubtedly a pioneering application in every way.


 Although the application does not have any specific accessibility setting, it can be seen that the developers have tried to make it accessible. 
For this they have used large icons that are differentiated from each other, which allow the different options to be easily distinguished, which results in greater accessibility for people with mild vision problems and greater ease of selection for those who use push buttons.
Also its exhaustive labeling for screen readers, both those included in Android and IOs, make it accessible for people with more complex vision difficulties.
Finally, we comment that although the application is quite accessible, some specific option is missing in its settings.


After all the benefits of the application discussed and its in-depth testing, we can affirm that it is a unique app in which the care that the developers put in its creation can be appreciated.
Therefore, the application will help us to pamper and take care of people with Down Syndrome, making it possible for us to protect them from any health problem and returning all the affection and pampering that they bring to our lives.
It should also be noted that although the app has all the interesting features mentioned, it is not free of flaws, especially in the section on finding a specialist. Although it may be due to its short time on the market and they will surely update and fix it.


  • Variety of optionsThe app has a wide range of possibilities to choose from and that cover many sections related to the health and information of the people in the group.
  • .Easy to handle: Its large number of options does not affect its complexity, being simple to handle, in fact any user could manage it without much problem.

Improvement points

  • Option for accessibility: Some specific accessibility option is missing in the settings, its inclusion would be quite beneficial.
  • Crash fix and optimization: In general, the application works without much problem, but sometimes it can give an error when accessing a section and when we access the specialist option, it often tends to exit the app, so fixing that failure in the future should be considered.




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