Senior Phone Doro Liberto 820 mini

Front view Doro Liberto 820 mini
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  • 4/5
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Analizamos la aplicación Senior Phone Doro Liberto 820 mini

Vídeo review

  • main menu
  • buttons
  • SOS button and camera
  • photo trigger and USB slot
  • charge station
  • bottom view
  • App menu
  • FM Radio
  • Config menu
  • Tutorial

What is it about:

Doro Liberto 820 mini is a terminal that has been very successful in recent years and appears as one of the favorite models in many phone lists for seniors. In this case we wanted to analyze its characteristics and point out some possible successors once this model is completely commercialized. The Doro Liberto 820 mini is a Touchscreen Smartphone with menus adapted to the needs of the elderly.

In addition, the terminal has typical features included in phones for seniors such as the help button and charging base.

Weight and dimensions

Weight: 132 Gr

Dimensions: 66 x 126 x 11 mm

Forms of acquisition:

The phone is no longer sold in most online establishments although there are still some distributors that have units for an approximate price of € 150.


The main models with touch screen that replace this terminal are:

Doro 8035:


And the Doro 8040:


Warranty and support

Through the following link you can contact the support service:


The warranty for the product is 2 years.

Technical verification:

December 2019

The model Doro liberto 820 mini is a terminal with touch screen and the most common features of a Smartphone terminal that has a simplified Android version and adapted to the needs of the elderly.

The phone has the Android operating system version 4.4.2 (KitKat).

Buttons, screen and physical appearance

The terminal has a 4 ”TFT touch screen and a series of external buttons that facilitate some of the main functions.

The design of the phone is robust and aesthetically very stylized like most mobile terminals of this manufacturer.

Additional keys include the power, photography, volume control, and back to back keys or initial menu.

The default alphanumeric keyboard shown on the screen has a very small size and although it can be configured within a menu that is difficult to access, the maximum size allowed is not too large.

Menú y text

It is a phone that incorporates a very adapted version of Android, that is, that simplifies the different Android functionalities through simpler access methods, explanations, etc.

It allows to simplify the call to contacts being able to create shortcuts with photographs. It includes icons and texts that facilitate the identification of most functionalities.

The phone has a feature called the start guide that allows you to configure the main options easily the first time the phone is used or whenever you want to reset.

Despite all the facilities it includes, it is important to know that both this and other adapted Doro Smartphone phones are for older users who have a minimum of skill in use.

Magnifiying glass

The magnifying glass has great quality thanks to the type of camera that the phone has and also allows you to freeze the image which can be very useful for people who have hand tremors.


The flashlight is useful and has great brightness, but it does not have any switch or button that allows external activation, but is activated and deactivated by an icon that appears on the screen.

Additional functions

The phone has features such as alarm, calendar, stopwatch or time information that can be used simply and intuitively, each with a dedicated icon in the main menu.

It also has a recorder, introduction of manual notes or a safe box to store information accessed through a password.

In addition, it has a simple use calculator application.

SOS button

El teléfono incorpora botón de aviso de emergencia configurable dentro del menú de ajustes.

Entre los ajustes que se pueden configurar están los números de destino de la llamada y SMS de alerta, así como la opción de enviar la ubicación en caso de emergencia o la configuración del tipo de pulsación que activa la emergencia.

Calls and SMS

The sending and reading of SMS is not excessively complex thanks to the simplified menus, although as mentioned above the keyboard is too small.

The menu for receiving calls is not complex, although as for most features it is necessary to pick it up from an option on the screen instead of having an external button for this action.

The volume is suitable for the elderly and although it does not reach the levels of other terminals in the market, it is valid in most cases where there are no serious hearing problems.

My Doro Manager

My Doro Manager is an additional service that allows you to manage your phone remotely by family members and caregivers. In this way the person who wants to remotely manage a terminal, can access from a website by entering an account that links the terminal to said management platform. From My doro Manager you can manage contacts, gallery images, applications, SOS button.

The service is one of the strengths of the Doro Smartphone terminals, but in this case it seems that the manufacturer has stopped supporting this particular model.


It has a 5 Megapixel rear camera with flash and another 0.3 Megapixel front camera. The quality of the rear camera is good compared to other terminals for older people we have had occasion to try.

The camera has a dedicated external button for taking pictures.


The product includes a set of manual booklets in various languages, but in the end the Spanish manual is somewhat lacking. Of course, the phone offers small guided tutorials every time a functionality is accessed.

It includes a small printed dictionary with some important terms to familiarize yourself with the use of the Smartphone: applications, 3G, GPS ...

FM Radio and audio playback

The phone has an FM Radio application that is quite intuitive as it simulates the aesthetics and controls of a traditional radio.

For use it is necessary to connect headphones that act as an antenna.

In addition, the phone allows audio playback in mp3 or wav format.

It has a volume suitable for use with headphones.

Charging base

The phone has a robust charging base that allows it to be placed horizontally so that it can serve as a photo frame or digital clock.

The fitting on this charging base is correct, although you have to make sure that the mini USB connector is fully connected.

In addition, the micro USB connector can be connected directly to the phone for charging without the station.


The terminal has a removable battery with a capacity of 1500 mAh.

The manufacturer states that the battery is sufficient for about 500 hours at rest or 18 hours in speech, but in practice the duration is shorter.

Additional storage

It has 4GB internal memory and possibility of external SD storage up to 32 GB


The phone has all the usual forms of connectivity of a Smartphone:

  • 3G Dual SIM
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS 


HAC compatibility with hearing aids.

Having an Android operating system allows the use of the Android screen reader known as Talkback.


In short, the Doro Liberto 820 mini is one of the Doro terminals that has marked the way for the rest of Smartphone models for older people.

The key to the success of these terminals lies in the adaptation of the Android operating system through its own layer that simplifies its functions and in turn in services such as “My Doro Manager” that allow remote management of the terminal by family and caregivers.


  • It includes a simplified version of Android that allows you to use mail, whatsapp and other applications.
  • Even though it is tactile, it includes an alert button, charging base, magnifying glass and other functionalities similar to specialized telephones for the elderly.
  • It incorporates the advantages of Android accessibility over other phones for adults in which they are not available.

Improvement points:

  • The keyboard shown on the screen for entering text should have larger characters.
  • A physical button could be incorporated to turn on the flashlight.
  • Something short of battery and processing capacity can be left if the use of games or applications with great resource consumption is abused.
  • Design and manufacturing: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    Refers to the physical aspects and details of the manufacturing of the technological product
  • User Experience: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    This criterion is linked to the user's assessment of the product or application
  • Technical features: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
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  • Accessibility: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    It is the degree to which people can use or access a product, technological solution or service, regardless of their technical, cognitive or physical capabilities

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