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April 2018


Signame is an accessible and free application developed by the Vodafone Spain FVE Foundation, with the support of the Garrigou Foundation. That offers in a ubiquitous, fast and simple way the videos showing the different signs that are used for communication with the children of the María Corredentora Center and other related schools. The application is marked in the FVE app offer, for people with Intellectual Disabilities. The signs that have been included in this application have been prepared by the experts of the María Corredentora Center. Based on the daily experience and the long history of the center. They are mainly based on the Spanish Sign Language, but different sources have been consulted. Due to the structural complexity of many of the signs to be performed by children, some of them have been adapted, either by simplifying them or by choosing alternative ones.

Its last update is September 2013 and has more than 5.000 downloads

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The application is free and can be downloaded for Android and iOS:


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