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June 2020


Smartia is an online platform that allows managing the intervention of people with special needs, in particular people with Autism Spectrum Disorders, ASD. It connects the entire environment of the person to achieve a 360 degree intervention: family, therapists, school professionals and other family members or caregivers. Allowing them to be coordinated in the attention and needs that may arise, through a private social network.

Smartia facilitates the evaluation performed by therapists directly, it does not diagnose automatically. The system measures and quantifies the state of the user, records the history of evaluations that are carried out and offers sessions and resources for intervention. In addition to the opportunity to plan intervention sessions, the platform allows a large bank of open pictograms to facilitate communication between children with ASD and their environment.

The solution is multiplatform and has two tools for its use, the web platform and the Smartia App.

The most interesting thing about Smartia's proposal is that they offer a totally free version for families and the professionals who work with them, without a commitment to stay; and another Premium version that has more advanced features.







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It is possible to acquire the tool through the Smartia website:  or through the contact email:

As we anticipated, the application is available in its free Basic version and Premium version, for Professionals and Families:



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