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Social Diabetes

Social Diabetes

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May 2018


"SocialDiabetes" is an application for Android and iOS, which allows diabetes patients to manage their disease. It facilitates the daily control of insulin doses, allowing to notify personalized alerts depending on the values ​​that are established.

On a practical level, it allows setting the insulin dose and synchronizing it with the glucometer or continuous meter. Through the application you can receive insulin recommendations automatically after each checkup.

The application offers the facility to communicate directly with the doctor himself, who with the patient's authorization can monitor online and adjust the dose guidelines.

It allows to reduce glycated hemoglobin and obtain direct benefits on the patient:

  • Calculate carbohydrates and eat a more flexible diet.
  • Adjust your insulin whenever you need so that you can live your life peacefully.
  • Improve diabetes control and blood glucose values


"SocialDiabetes" received the 2017 European Commission Award for the most innovative product. Best mobile application in the health category – WSA United Nations.






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The application can be purchased through the manufacturer's website and is available for Android and iOS:

The cost of the application is free, although it has a "Premium" payment proposal with improved functionalities:



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