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What does it consist of:

Sometimes communication between people with hearing disabilities and people without it can be complicated, either due to their lack of sign language or because they simply want to try to dialogue in another way.

Because of this, we will analyze Sordo Ayuda.

Sordo Ayuda consists of an application that is responsible for transcribing conversations between people and also allows you to reproduce what is written in the form of audio in case it is needed.

Forms of acquisition:

It is a free app that can be obtained from the Android Play Store through the following link:

In case you want to contact the developer, we have the following email:


Technical assessment:

Author: Billy Avellán Salazar.

Date: November 2021.

The application gives us a means of communication that facilitates dialogue between the deaf person and the hearing person.

It has voice recognition, so that the phrases of the interlocutor are captured to convert them into text, achieving a good understanding for the person with hearing impairment.

In the same way, it allows the conversion of text to speech, thus allowing a closer communication.

In this case, we will perform the analysis of the app in version 10.0 of the Android operating system, although it is available from version 3.2.



Next, we will proceed to an in-depth analysis.

When entering the application we find the following page:

You can see the main page of Sordo Ayuda.


As we can see, it is a fairly simple interface in which the app's features can be clearly seen, these being Listen and Talk.

We can highlight this format, since it allows a quick understanding of the system and has a configuration based on that of the device, which means that the application can be used instantly, that is, it is not necessary to make previous preparations.

In the same way, in case we want to modify the size of the transcribed voice message, it is not necessary to go to another screen, since this modification can be made on the same screen where the message is printed, using the blue sliding bar.

When we proceed to use the Listen functionality, Google's voice recognition will be activated:


We can see how the device recognizes the voice message.



Once activated we can proceed to say the message, and once finished, it will be transcribed and shown on the screen:


We can see how the device recognizes the voice message.                    You can see how the voice message has been transcribed.


We have also tested this functionality in English, obtaining the following results:

You can see the message transcribed in English.                    You can see the message transcribed in English.


Thus, from the Listen option we can highlight the following:

– The language in which the transcription is made will depend on the language in which the system works, that is, if the device is configured in English, the application will also be

– As we can see, the transcription has a great degree of reliability and a large part of the sentences are transmitted without errors.

  • In fact, in this case we observe that the messages are transcribed as we want, we can even notice that, in the message in Spanish, the assistant himself corrects some misinterpretation (after "very nice", the "y" is left over) , leading to a satisfactory result.

– It is also an important detail that we can modify the size of the transcribed message in such a simple way.

– The interface changes slightly depending on the language in which it is on the device.

– Every time we transcribe a new message, the previous one is deleted, so it provides a certain dynamism and avoids any confusion

If instead of the Listen option we select the Talk option, it will take us to the following page:

You can see the interface where we will write a message to transmit it by audio.                    We see the message to be transmitted in Spanish.                    We see the message to be conveyed in English.


We can see that the interface does not change much compared to the previous one.

Take a notepad form, in which we will write the message that we want to transmit by audio, and this will be reproduced after pressing the green section at the top.

In this way, we can highlight the following:

– As we have said before, the environment is easy to use and is quite intuitive. Even so, the application makes it clear how to proceed to perform the corresponding action.

– The language in which the message is played depends on the language in which the device works, that is, if the device is set to English, the application will also be.

– The reproduction of the message is done respecting the punctuation marks, which facilitates the understanding of the conversation.


In terms of accessibility we can say the following:

– Although it is true that it is aimed at people with hearing difficulties, the fact of being able to modify the size of the transcribed text makes it possible for people with visual difficulties to use it as well.

– The simplicity of the application allows users to have no problems understanding the environment.

– The high degree of reliability of the transcription means that people do not have problems interpreting during the conversation.


In general terms, Sordo Ayuda is a very interesting application that has a very simple and easy-to-understand interface, being concise from the first moment in terms of the benefits it can offer.

Likewise, this simplicity adds dynamism to the dialogue between people, since it is not necessary to carry out so many actions to receive and emit the messages.

Among the benefits we can highlight the Listen option, since it has great reliability when it comes to recognizing the voice message and its transcription.

It is also important that the application is available in multiple languages.


– The transcription of messages is highly accurate.

– It has a simple and simple design that allows the use of the application in a dynamic way and without problems to understand the operation of the environment.

– The application is functional in several languages ​​and not only in Spanish, so it is useful for a large number of people.

Points to improve.

– It would be interesting to be able to change the language in which the conversation is established from the application itself without having to change the language of the device.

– Although it is interesting that previous messages are deleted when transcribing a new sentence, a message history could be integrated in case you want to consult any part of the conversation.

– In environments where there is some noise, transcription can be complicated, so it is necessary to be located in a clean environment.


Technical evaluation scores.

Design and manufacturing:
This section refers to the physical aspects and details of the manufacturing of the technological product
Technical benefits:
Description of the quality of the technical specifications of the technological solution
User experience:
This criterion is linked to the user's assessment when relating to the technical product or application.
It is the degree to which people can use or access a product, technological solution or service, regardless of their technical, cognitive or physical abilities

Social valuation:

To complete the review we have the help of the volunteer José Caruana Reina, a person with a hearing disability who once again gives us his vision, experience and especially valuable impressions in reviews like this one, where we treat products aimed at facilitating the use of technological devices to people with hearing difficulties.

José appreciates any effort to improve the quality of life and accessibility of people with hearing difficulties, he starts from this reflection to test the application "SordoAyuda".

The impressions that are reflected here are a reflection of those expressed by the volunteer and from TECSOS we have not conditioned or influenced them in any way.

In this way, after evaluating the app, José was able to find the following highlights:

  • It is an app that is easy to download and install, and also takes up very little space.
  • Its use is intuitive and uncomplicated.
  • It is possible to increase the size of the transcribed message, in a simple way, through the horizontal bar located below the text box.

On the other hand, the volunteer found the following points that could be improved:

  • Advertising on the main screen can be annoying.
  • If there is a prolonged silence during the transcription of a conversation, it stops and it is necessary to press the "listen" button again.
  • It is not possible to configure the interface in any other way, that is, it is not possible to modify the background or text colors to increase the contrast.
  • It is not possible to save the transcribed text or edit it as in other applications such as Ability Connect or Google Instant Transcription, so the use of the app in meetings or talks, where it is necessary to consult some point of the conversation, is limited.
  • The text that can be transcribed using the "Speak" option could not be used.

In conclusion, according to the user, it is an app with limited and improvable functionalities, but it is a good starting point.




Social valuation scores.

Impact and utility:
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Design and Ergonomics:
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Usability and accessibility:
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Possibility of the device to be used, understood and taken advantage of under equal conditions for anyone
Ease of acquisition:
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