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August 2018


Storytel is a platform for audiobooks and books that currently offers up to 1000 titles in Spanish. The added value of this type of reading access allows it to respond to the needs of people who cannot carry out conventional reading, due to visual problems, for example. It favors the use of moments in which you cannot fix your eyes, when you spend a lot of time traveling, or to accompany you in stressful situations.

The Storytel application can be used on iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile or tablet devices. Storytel offers to listen and read the books offline, once saved and downloaded to the device. The contents and the platform itself are updated weekly, through the app on the mobile terminal, it makes recommendations or reading suggestions.

Forms of acquisition:

The Storytel app is available on Google Play:

And in the iOS market:

They offer a free trial of 14 days, and from that date the cost is 9,99 euros / month with no download limits or permanence.

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