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Sunu band

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April 2018

Sunu band is a smart bracelet that uses an ultrasound sensor to detect obstacles and improve mobility for users with reduced or no vision.

In turn, the bracelet incorporates vibration to inform the user of the obstacles around it. The bracelet can be used as a complement to the cane or guide dog, to detect especially those obstacles or taller objects that can hit the body or the head.

The bracelet works with a proximity sensor that emits an ultrasonic high frequency wave that bounces off objects that the user finds on his way; depending on the distance at which the object is, a vibration occurs. The closer you get to an object / obstacle, the more frequent the vibrations become.

The bracelet allows to detect obstacles that go from the knees to the head and up to 4 meters.

Once it is placed on the wrist, the user can scan its surroundings by moving only their wrist, in addition the bracelet includes smart gesture reading that allows the configuration of the system.

Sunu Band is including a mobile application, you can connect the bracelet to your 'smartphone' to adjust those settings of your preference, such as the sensitivity of the sensors and to update the 'firmware' when needed.

 Some of the technical specifications of Sunu Band are:


  • Weight: 40 grams.
  • Inputs: 2 buttons or gestures.
  • Modes: indoor and outdoor.
  • Range and resolution (outdoor): approx. 4.5 meters
  • Range and Sensitivity (Indoor): approx. 2.0 meters
  • Battery: 240mAh, rechargeable (1-2 h.)
  • Battery life: 14 hours of regular use


Forms of acquisition:

Sunu Band can be purchased on the manufacturer's website

The approximate price is €472.95 EUR plus shipping costs. But right now it's out of stock.


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