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ColorTec BigKey keyboard

ColorTec BigKey keyboard

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What does it consist of:

The ColorTec Bigkey keyboard, from the Admouse company, is designed for people with low vision and fine motor difficulties.

It is appreciated that the keyboard is significantly larger than usual, its keys are 75% larger of the conventional ones. The keys are differentiated by colors and separated by consonants, vowels, numbers and signs to facilitate their use and increase the inclusion of more people in the use of technology. 

The keyboard has two versions: wireless and wired. In this review the wireless version has been tested.

Wireless ColorTec Keyboard

The company Admouse, has in addition to this product, another the Admouse Mouse that we find very interesting, you can know the evaluation of it on our website:

Forms of acquisition:

wired keyboard

The wired keyboard can be purchased through its official distributor in Madrid Lorusso Ibérica SL at the following link:

The methacrylate cover can be purchased at this link:

  • Price: The keyboard they are 119 euros with VAT included and €12 of shipping costs, and that of the housing 65 euros VAT included. It has a 12-month warranty and for support you can contact the official distributor itself.
  • Contact Us: Telephone: +34 91 574 6647 and mobile: +34 656 924 656

Wireless keyboard

This is available in Spain through LR – GESTORA DE RECURSOS EMPRESARIALES SL.

  • Price: The keyboard ColorTec are 130 euros + VAT, and that of the housing they are 59 euros + VAT
  • Contact Us: Phone: 91 574 6647 / 91 708 7714

admouse company

The Admouse website is as follows: and his contact email:

Technical assessment:

Author: Cristina Alvarez Romero

Date: April 2023

Technical performance

This QWERTY keyboard is a product plug and play, that is, it is not necessary to download any additional software for its operation. Just connect the mini usb receiver to one of the inputs of the PC or other device to start working. The new version of the keyboard is Wireless, making its use more comfortable.

It is designed to control devices such as a PC, Smart TV, tablets and mobile phones (although an adapter will be needed for the latter two since they do not have a USB connection). It is compatible with Windows, MAC, Android and Linux operating systems.

The keys are distributed by colors: vowels, consonants, numbers, functions and special keys. Its size is larger compared to a conventional keyboard, with an increase in the keys of 75%.

ColorTec keyboard comparison with a conventional one and with a 1 euro coin

In addition, the keyboard includes the CanalTec, a Bigkey keyboard channelizer, eliminates the possibility of simultaneously pressing two keys. The other purpose of this accessory is to support the arm and allow it to rest while typing, without pressing other keys.

keyboard shell

It works with 2 AAA batteries, which are housed on the back of the keyboard. When the battery is about to run out, an LED light will start blinking on the keyboard.

reverse keyboard

The reverse also has two small folding tabs for tilt the keyboard slightly. also has two non-slip rubbers that ensures the immobilization of the keyboard before small movements.


The increase in the size of the keyboard implies a variation in its use with respect to the conventional keyboard, since there is a greater separation between the keys and requires a more open position of the hands. If you are in the habit of using a QWERTY keyboard of standard dimensions, it will be necessary to adapt to this enlargement in size.

The keys have a soft touch, but the pressure is significant due to the high relief of the keys.

The CanalTec, which is responsible for channeling the keystroke, gives the user the ability to avoid pressing unwanted keys while typing, but it can also present certain difficulties. The thickness of the CanalTec is excessive, which makes it difficult to press in a horizontal position of the hand on the keyboard, as well as to insert the fingers into the holes. To achieve efficient keystroke, vertical finger movement is required, which negatively affects the goal of supporting the arm and results in an awkward hand posture.


Accessibility for people with reduced vision:

Chromatic differentiation offers an advantage for people with reduced vision by making it easier to identify and locate the different keys.

However, the distinction between the white lettering and the different colors of the keys is not quite clear enough in terms of contrast. Likewise, there are cases of contiguous keys of two colors that have such a chromatic similarity that it makes it difficult to distinguish them visually.

Accessibility for people with reduced mobility:

If the user does not have control of fine manipulation, this keyboard facilitates typing and handling due to its large font size and the help of the channelizer prevents the pressing of several keys simultaneously.

Cognitive accessibility:

Associating character types with a color makes keyboard interpretation much easier for people with cognitive difficulties.

The connection of the keyboard to the device is also very simple, since it does not require the installation of any software, and does not require great capacities for people with cognitive difficulties.

Accessibility for people with hearing difficulties: 

This keyboard is fully accessible for people with hearing difficulties since it does not emit any type of sound during use.


The ColorTec Bigkey keyboard offers a facility for people with impaired vision or motor difficulties to be able to type on a computer or other device. The large size of its letters is what makes it possible, as well as the differentiation by colors of the different groups of characters.

Additionally, this keyboard could also be used by children who are learning to read or use computers, due to its ease of use and attractive design.


  • It is an accessible keyboard that offers a simple way to access communication technologies.
  • The design makes it very attractive and friendly.
  • The CanalTec channel helps not to press unwanted keys for people who do not easily handle this type of product.
  • Simple connection due to the fact that it is a plug and play product.


Improvement points 

  • Incorporate the embossing of the dashes in J, f for quick access to the physical keyboard.
  • Incorporate relief on some keys, for example, arrows or symbols.
  • The keystroke channel that complements the keyboard is excessively thick, making it difficult to insert the fingers without having to adopt inappropriate positions, therefore its thickness should be reduced.


Technical evaluation scores.

Design and manufacturing:
Refers to the physical aspects and details of the manufacturing of the technological product
Technical benefits:
Description of the quality of the technical specifications of the technological solution
User experience:
This criterion is linked to the user's assessment of the product or application
It is the degree to which people can use or access a product, technological solution or service, regardless of their technical, cognitive or physical capabilities.

Social valuation:

This assessment was made with the non-wireless keyboard.

We have validated the product with our volunteer Domo, who usually uses a keyboard with black characters on a yellow background, to favor high contrast. His impression regarding the Colortec keyboard is that for profiles of people with low vision the keyboard is limited, since it maintains the problem of access through sight. The contrast is lower than with the specific keyboards with yellow keys, although I saw very positive that the functionality keys were differentiated to the letters and consonants by another color.

Our volunteer was the one who highlighted the importance of incorporating reliefs in the keys and the usual stripes of the F and J keys, with which they do have their usual keyboard. Regarding the effectiveness of the operation of the tool, it is adequate and agile, linking the pressure of the key with the action programmed for it.

wired keyboard

Social valuation scores.

Impact and utility:
Describe to what extent the functionalities of the product are useful and impact on the improvement of the user's life
Design and Ergonomics:
Assessment of how the design of the technological solution adapts to the person to achieve greater comfort and effectiveness when using it
Usability and accessibility:
Possibility of the device to be used, understood and used in equal conditions for any person
Ease of acquisition:
It refers to the possibilities of accessing and acquiring a technological solution by the user

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