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  • Functionalities explanation
  • Main menu
  • Shower mode
  • Configuration menu
  • safety area
  • Hands free mode
  • Battery monitor

What is it about:

Marzo 2018


Teleasistenci @ TIC + is an App that offers a series of complementary functionalities to Telecare services. The App uses SMS messages to communicate to a configurable list of family / friends / neighbors that an emergency has arisen. The application has the following features:

1. Sending "Warning" message

2. Sending the message "I feel good"

3. Fall notification

4. Output of "Safe Zone"

5. Monitoring of the system battery

6. Return home

7. Shower mode

8. Hands-free mode



Forms of acquisition:

Click on the following link to download the Android application:

Link to developer website: http://www.fundacionmagtel.com/

Manual download link: http://teleasistencia.magtel.es/images/manual-v3.pdf

The application requires Android 4.1 version or higher


Technical verification:

The Teleasistencia @ TIC + application developed by the Magtel Foundation is the example of a free, simple, useful and functioning application. That said, in the following lines we analyze in depth its functionalities highlighting its points to improve and its strengths.

The application facilitates the communication of emergency situations of dependents to their caregiver or family member. In turn, the application provides autonomy to perform daily tasks such as showering, or remember the way home.


Main menu options

Contact asignation

In this menu, the trusted contact of the family member or caregiver to whom the alert messages are sent is configured.

During the tests we have had problems with some terminal models to assign the contacts since the phonebook of each phone model is used. At this point, we would recommend making this functionality independent of the agenda of each terminal model, allowing you to enter the destination number in the application itself. In case of encountering problems, we recommend saving the contact in the calendar in the category (mobile) because if the number is stored in other categories it can generate problems.

Main alarm button

The main function of the application is presented as a warning button in the center of the screen that serves to send a predefined text message with the attached location in case of emergency. There is a period of 3 seconds that allows canceling the alarm in case the user detects that he has pressed it by mistake.

The GPS location sent together with each SMS allows you to identify the points where an alarm is recorded clearly and easily through a Google maps link.

The inclusion of voice and text confirmation of the actions of the alarm message sent or alarm canceled is a very appropriate option. In this case, it would also be interesting to be able to associate vibration patterns both to confirm that the button has been pressed and to confirm the sending of alert messages.

Warning “I am OK”

At the same time, there is a green button that lets the caregiver know that everything is fine and in turn sends the location of the user. This functionality is of interest to communicate various situations such as arrival at home or other locations.

Shower mode

The shower mode is one of the greatest successes of this application. Since a high number of incidents in elderly and dependent occurs in the field of bathing. The fact of providing a mechanism of alerts is a great help and brings peace of mind to the user and caregiver. The shower mode allows you to set and activate a timer before showering. If after that period the user has not deactivated the shower mode, an alert message is sent to the caretaker. In the last seconds of the established period there is a beep that reminds the user of his deactivation in case of forgetting to avoid generating false alarms.                  



Home guidance

The guidance functionality links a menu button to a Google maps route that leads to the address previously set in the configuration section. This functionality is very useful in case the user is confused or lost.

Other configurable options

In addition to the main menu functions, there are other functionalities that can be activated from the configuration menu.


Safety areas

The possibility of being able to generate a security area is a very useful functionality and allows to delimit in a simple way a variable area around a specific point on the map to activate an alarm in case the person leaves this delimited space. This function is disabled by default and must be activated in the configuration menu.


Battery monitoring

There is also a very useful functionality in which you can determine a battery level from which you want to notify the caregiver by SMS. This functional allows that when the battery level is reduced the caretaker can warn the user to put the mobile terminal to charge. This functionality is disabled by default and must be activated in the configuration menu.

Hands-free mode

This functionality allows you to activate the hands-free mode so that the person can communicate at a relative distance in case of receiving a call and not having the terminal in your hand for any circumstance. This functionality is disabled by default and must be activated in the configuration menu.

Fall detection

The detection of falls does not work reliably on all occasions, but we have managed to detect some impacts. This does not surprise us since the level of reliability of all the applications of detection of falls is usually low and depends to a great extent on the quality of the accelerometer or gyroscope of the used telephone. This function is disabled by default and must be activated in the configuration menu.

Call main contact

This functionality simplifies the direct call to the contact of interest previously configured in the contacts section by pressing the call icon of the main menu.

Message system

The alarm communication system through SMS is highly reliable provided that mobile coverage is available, not having failed in any of the cases tested during our analysis. The only drawback is the cost associated with these messages, although most operators currently do not charge abusively for the use of text messages at an average of € 0.12 / message or are even included in the rates flat of the different contracts. However, we know that developers are working on a new version that sends messages via 3G and 4G avoiding the cost associated with sending SMS.

Design, organization and access methods

The design of the application is simple and practical, identifying all the important functionalities with a representative image or pictogram.

It is very appropriate that some features are read with voice as the modes or message sent automatically. In any case, labeling is missing in the buttons of the main menu for screen reader. Also, it would be nice to include pulsation confirmation by vibration.

Another fundamental thing to implement would be to facilitate that the application can always run in the foreground on the phone so that the user does not have to worry in an emergency to find the application if it has gone into the background for any reason .


In summary, we can say that the application is a great ally of the elderly or dependent even of those vulnerable people such as women victims of gender violence or children who can make use of the alarm features in dangerous situations. Its functionalities are very well organized and identified and the reliability of sending alarms is high.

Next, we detail the highlights and improvement points.


  • The utility of all its functionalities, no surplus and no lack
  • Its simple implementation
  • Reliability in all your alarms and communication
  • Its free, with the only cost of SMS sent.

Improvement points

  • The need to use SMS is a cost to the user, although on the other hand it supposes a reliable communication system.
  • Some accessibility points such as the lack of vibration to confirm pulsations and alarms, and the lack of labeling for screen readers of the functionalities of the main menu buttons
  • It would be important to be able to easily configure it as a foreground application to be executed when the phone is turned on and the button is always present.
  • Some configuration problems of the contact menu with certain Smartphone models.
  • Design and manufacturing: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    Refers to the physical aspects and details of the manufacturing of the technological product
  • User Experience: 5 sobre 5(5/5)
    Este criterio está vinculado a la valoración del usuario al relacionarse con el producto técnico o aplicación.
  • Technical features: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    Descripción de la calidad de las especificaciones técnicas que tiene la solución tecnológica.
  • Accessibility: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    Es el grado en el que las personas pueden utilizar o acceder a un producto, solución tecnológica o servicio, independientemente de sus capacidades técnicas, cognitivas o físicas.

Social valuation:

We have tested the application with 4 of our volunteers. On the one hand, Manuela, Carmen and Milagros have given us their vision with a profile close to the end user of this application. On the other hand, Aurora gives us her vision from the point of view of a specialized caregiver.

To our first group of volunteers the application has seemed very useful to communicate those everyday situations that can generate more problems if they are not solved in time.

The communication of alarms through the main button and the communication that everything is correct with the green button are simple features to recognize and use, and have been totally reliable in the tests performed.

In these notices, they see other application possibilities such as the use of unaccompanied minors or women in vulnerable situations.

The shower mode is one of the characteristics that the volunteers have liked the most since it is one of the activities that can cause the most fears and by means of this method risk situations are avoided.

They consider the functionality of guided home very useful for those people who may suffer misunderstandings.

In any case, the fact that the application is designed for Smartphone phones consider that it limits its use for those people who are used to this type of terminal.

Volunteers consider that this system can only be effective in cases in which older people have family members with a certain level of commitment to attend to alarm messages and be able to act in each case.

In general, their assessment is positive, considering that the application generates peace of mind for the elderly and their families.




Our volunteer Aurora has valued the application with her vision of the caregiver.

During its use it has determined certain positive aspects of the application, such as sending alarms and positioning them. However, sending the location of the same is closely related to the quality of GPS and location system of each particular phone and having a low quality phone leads to the generation of false alarms especially when setting up the security area of the application.

One aspect that you would consider interesting to implement is the reminder that an alarm has been generated after several minutes after it was generated. In this case if the user has forgotten and is already well can send a message of tranquility to your family member or caregiver.

The functionality of fall sensor and battery monitor have not worked well with the terminal used.

The simultaneous sending of alarms to two numbers selected in the contacts works and can be useful.

On the other hand, it considers that if the phone is in silent mode the application should not read any message by voice to avoid uncomfortable situations.

The application should always run in the foreground in order to trigger an emergency easily without having to search for it


  • Impact and utility: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    Describe en qué medida las funcionalidades del producto son útiles e impactan en la mejora de vida de la persona usuaria.
  • Usability and accessibility: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    Posibilidad del dispositivo para ser utilizado, entendido y aprovechado en igualdad de condiciones para cualquier persona.
  • Design and ergonomics: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    Valoración de cómo el diseño de la solución tecnológica se adapta a la persona para lograr una mayor comodidad y eficacia al utilizarlo.
  • Ease of acquisition: 5 sobre 5(5/5)
    Hace referencia a las posibilidades de acceder y adquirir una solución tecnológica por parte de la persona usuaria.

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