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Swissvoice D28 Senior Telephone

Swissvoice D28 Senior Telephone

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What does it consist of:

The Swissvoice brand D28 phone incorporates most desirable features in a phone designed for seniors looking for a simple mobile phone model. It includes large and correctly identified keys, charging base, FM radio, voice key reading and relatively simple menus. The model is available in black and white colors.

Weight and measurements

10,7x 5,6 x 2 cm

95 g

Forms of acquisition:

The phone can be purchased in numerous specialized and general stores and can also be purchased through various online stores. The manufacturer indicates a series of providers on its website:

The final sale price ranges between € 60 and € 80.

Support and warranty

Customer service (installation, use of the telephone, after-sales process ...)

The warranty offered for this product is 2 years.


Technical assessment:

March 2020

We have tested the Swissvoice D28 model with very good results in most aspects. In the following lines we detail the results of these tests:

Buttons and physical appearance

The buttons are clearly identified, have very good contrast and a good size for identification as well as the correct separation between them. This is one of the aspects of the phone that we liked the most.

The terminal has clearly identified side volume up and down buttons.

It has a folding screen that has an additional external display for displaying notifications such as the time, incoming call or SMS, battery or charge status. The problem with this screen is that it keeps out-of-date information when the phone is turned off, which can cause confusion.

In addition, it has dedicated keys for camera, agenda and flashlight, which we think is a great success.

The overall design is aesthetic and ergonomic.

Menu and texts

The volume to the minimum with the side keys does not prevent the sounds from being heard when interacting with the menu, for this, it is necessary to activate the silent mode, or through the menu or by pressing the key in the lower right corner identified with an icon to silence for a long time.

The menu has large icons and intuitive functionality.

The red key is used to return to the initial state, in addition, when I have lost myself and close the screen, it returns to the main menu once it is opened again.

There is an option in its configuration menu in which you can program its automatic on and off.

SOS button

The emergency warning button is very well identified in red and incorporates screen printing, it is also easily detectable by touch.

To configure it, there is a specific menu where you can select the recipient number that will receive the emergency call.

To activate the emergency call, press for more than 1 second.

Instead of progressing like a normal call, the receiver hears a recorded voice saying that this is an emergency call, if you want it to progress you must press 0.

If 0 is not pressed, the call can progress, but as long as you hang up, it will keep calling.

Calls and SMS

Quick access to the agenda with a dedicated button that makes it very easy to add a contact.

Photo contacts can be included. It has the possibility of announcement by voice of the caller.

The manufacturer announces that the phone has a "maximum volume" functionality of + 35dB but we have not been able to identify the key or the specific menu that enables it.

The volume is acceptable and the call can be heard hands-free with a simple option.

Sending and receiving SMS is simple.


The terminal incorporates a 2MP camera on the folding screen. The camera is very simple to use as it has a single dedicated key that allows you to open the functionality and take the photo easily.


The phone includes a small manual, something better documented than some other similar terminals that we have tested but that could still be improved and expanded.

FM radio and Mp3 audio playback

The radio is one of the least intuitive features to use. It is difficult to know how to change stations on the radio with button combinations and we also cannot figure out how to do it through the manual.

It is a pity that this functionality like the calculator is not as usable as the rest of the phone's features.

Finally we find out that you have to enter its submenu to be able to move the dial and in this menu if there are interesting options such as memorizing certain channels.

The phone incorporates Jack headphones, although there is the possibility always with them connected that the audio sounds through the external speaker.

The volume and audio quality of the radio is good.

It has a recorder and audio playback

charging station

It has a good indication of charging confirmation on the screen and a led in the charging station itself. The lighting of this LED can be deactivated or placed in night mode so that it does not disturb within the phone's settings or never or within the night hours.

The handset fits snugly on the base, but should only be positioned in one position to avoid placing it the wrong way.


The phone incorporates a Li-ion 800 mAh battery which can mean a standby autonomy of up to 7 days and in communication of up to 5 hours according to the manufacturer. In practice, the autonomy is somewhat less but enough to last 2 days without charging with moderate use.

Magnifying glass, flashlight, calendar, alarm and calculator

The flashlight is activated and deactivated very easily with a continuous press on the button identified with the flashlight icon on the screen.

The calculator like the radio is not very intuitive.

The calendar has some details in English that could be corrected, although its consultation is simple.

The tasks and the alarm are quite intuitive.

It does not have a magnifying glass as such, but it does have the possibility of increasing the image size to a maximum of 1600×1200 and it performs the magnifying glass function as in other terminals, this could have been resolved with a few + and – keys that would allow increasing or reduce the zoom level.

Additional storage

There is the possibility of including an external SD card for storage of photos or audio.


The phone has the following forms of connectivity:

  • 2G
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • micro USB


It has voice key reading which is very useful for people with vision difficulties. Even so, it does not have a screen reader for all menus as in the case of a Smartphone.

HAC compatibility with M4 / T4 hearing aids


In short, the Swissvoice D28 terminal has a usable and simple design in most of its functionalities. The keyboard and its correct identification is one of the most successful parts along with a more than adequate volume. However, they must continue to refine some details so that it becomes a reference model within telephones for the elderly.


  • Simple and clearly identified buttons along with its menus.
  • Stable charging base with configurable charging identification led.
  • Simple calls with good volume.
  • Key reading and voice

Improvement points:

  • The interface of the FM radio is not very intuitive.
  • The external display keeps out-of-date information when it is turned off.


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