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What does it consist of:

Currently, one in nine people in the world is undernourished and at the same time, each year, about 1/3 of the food produced in the world is lost or wasted.

El waste of food is a social, economic and environmental problem, combating this problem helps to curb climate change.

Too Good to Go is a project that promotes the reduction of food waste in catering establishments, bakeries, supermarkets, among other businesses, and provides access to quality food at an affordable price for vulnerable groups. In addition, this project contributes to the achievement of SDG2: Zero Hunger to reduce food waste by 50%.

To learn more about this SDG, you can visit the page that opens in a new tab when you click on the following image:

Image SDG 2: Zero Hunger (By clicking on the image you will get more information about the SDG)

The project has a Web platform and a mobile app. Through the mobile application, food establishments can offer their surplus food at a reduced price so that users of the application can save "surprise packs" and that these foods are not wasted.

What is a surprise pack?

A surprise pack is the way in which the establishments attached to Too Good To Go offer users their surplus food at a reduced price.

The type and amount of food in the pack is unknown to the user, the user cannot choose the products, the establishments will include in the pack the surplus that they consider and that they have available, always complying with the agreed minimums of the app.

Forms of acquisition:

We can download the "Too Good To Go" application for free from the Android Play Store or from the App Store.

Download the Android version at the following link:

Link to download the Android version app(opens a new tab)

Download the iOS version at the following link:

Link to download the iOS version app (opens a new tab)

This app is available for devices running Android version 5.0 or higher and for devices running iOS 10.3 or higher.

If we want to solve a problem or send suggestions we can do it through this email:


Technical assessment:

Date: January 2022

In this review we have used version 21.12.1 of Too Good To Go with update date December 16, 2021, for devices with Android operating system. And version 21.12.0 with update date December 13, 2021 for devices with iOS operating system.

User interface on Android devices

At the bottom of the application screen we find 4 tabs: Discover, Explore, Favorites and More.

When the icon that represents one of the tabs is green, it indicates that this is the screen we are currently on, the rest of the icons will be gray. In addition, in the upper left part of each screen, the name of said screen is indicated with a text.

Discover  Image of the "Discover" icon

Image of the Discover tab showing numeric labels     Image of the tab to configure your location where a map and other buttons are displayed     Image of the screen showing the "Select Distance" option

At the top, just below the name of the screen, we can see the “Change” button (image on the left, label 1), which will be used to change the location where we want the surprise packs available in that area to be displayed. When pressing this button, another screen appears (middle image), in it we can see the map with an icon that represents our current location. To change location we have three ways to do it, through the "Use my current location" button, selecting the distance in kilometers (image on the right) or the city search engine.

Going back to the "Discover" screen, we will find different surprise packs available in the previously configured location, grouped by categories such as: Save a pack before it's too late, Prepared, Bakery, Supermarkets, Pick up tomorrow, among others. To view all these sections or categories we must move by sliding our finger on the screen (from bottom to top), and if we want to view all the surprise packs that are grouped in a specific category, we can press the "See All>" button located next to of the category name (image on the left, label 2) or scroll by sliding your finger from right to left over that area of ​​the screen.

Each surprise pack will have the following information (Image on the left, label 3):

  • Number of surprise packs available or labels such as "Maybe later", "New", "Last chance", among others.
  • representative image
  • Establishment logo
  • Property name
  • Surprise pack price
  • Day and time when the pack can be picked up
  • Distance from your set location and the location of the establishment
  • Heart-shaped icon used to add the establishment to your list of favorite establishments.

In addition, cards similar to those that can be seen in the image on the left with label 4 will appear along this screen, to manage your recommendations, learn how Too Good To Go works or to support a charity in your area. with financial donations.

Explore  Picture of the "Explore" icon

This screen has 2 views:

  • List: The packs will be displayed as a list and to view them all, it is necessary to slide along the screen.

Searches can be filtered in two ways, the first one is by pressing this button Image of the filters button which we will call “filter button” and the other is by pressing the button represented by a magnifying glass Image of the button represented by a magnifying glass.

When pressing the filter button, the screen that we see in the middle image appears, where filters can be established according to the category of the packs, food preferences (None, vegetarian or vegan) and collection times.

To carry out searches filtered by the name of the establishment, we must click on the button represented by a magnifying glass (image on the right).

Image showing the "Explore" tab     Image showing available search filters     Image showing Browse screen and "List" tab

  • Map: By selecting this option, a map will appear with numerical labels indicating the number of surprise packs available in the area. Once one of the zones is selected, the packs will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. We can also filter the search by adding the desired configuration in the filter button Image of the filters button and adding the name of the establishment Image of the button represented by a magnifying glass.

Image showing Explore screen and "Map" tab     Image showing Explore screen and "Map" tab with search filtered

Favorites  Picture of the "Favorites" icon

On this screen, all the establishments that you have added as a favorite will appear and we will be able to see their availability of packs whenever we want.

More  Image of the "More" icon

When clicking on this tab, the “More” screen will appear with the following options:

Image showing the "More" screen

  • Account information: When selecting this option, another menu will appear with the following options:
    • My profile: shows the account information provided by the user such as name, email, phone number and country, all these fields can be modified, name and phone number are optional fields. In addition, it is possible to make adjustments to notifications, receive a copy of our data, read the privacy policy, verify all the permissions required by the app and the option to delete our account.
    • Payment methods: in this option we can view our payment methods: cards, Google Pay, PayPal and, we can add coupons by entering the coupon code.
    • Recommendations: in this option we can apply changes to the recommendations configuration that are shown in the “Discover” tab.
  • Orders: by selecting this option, we will be able to view our previous and current orders.
  • Help Center: in this option we can solve doubts related to our order, learn how Too Good To Go works, join the app if we own an establishment, see available jobs, among others.
  • Blog: By selecting this option, we can view some interesting blog entries, such as recipes, sustainable news, anti-waste tips, campaigns, among others.
  • Terms and conditions: By selecting this option, we will be able to read the terms and conditions of Too Good To Go.

User interface on iOS devices

No significant differences have been detected in the interface of the app for iOS devices compared to the interface for Android devices.

So many icons, number of tabs, colors, font and font size are the same in both versions, but in the "More" tab there are some differences in the distribution of the options appearing in this order:

  • My profile
  • Orders
  • Payment methods
  • Blog
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Help Center

Let us remember that in the Android version the options “My profile”, “Payment methods” and “Recommendations” were grouped in the “Account information” option. The "Recommendations" option of the iOS version is located in the "My profile" option.

In addition, payment with Google Pay is excluded in the iOS version.

Technical performance


During the time that we tested Too Good To Go, we did not observe any closing errors, geolocation problems or others related to the proper functioning of the app.

Remember that this app works with an Internet connection, if we are not connected to the Internet the functionalities of the app will not work, we will only be able to view the content of the “Help Center” and “My profile” options in the “More” tab.


During a period of one week, we have verified that the consumption of the battery and the consumption of data in the Internet connection is minimal.

Versatility and compatibility

The Too Good to Go app is available for smartphones y tablets with Android operating system version 5.0 or higher. Also, it is available for iPhone (iOS 10.3 or later) and iPad (iPadOS 10.3 or later).


As characteristics to guarantee the confidentiality of the data, the authenticity of the identity and access to the application, we observe the following:

  • The application offers access to the "Privacy Policy" where the way in which our data will be processed and protected is established.
  • We have the option of receiving a copy of our data in the mail associated with the account registered in the application.
  • Access to the application does not require the introduction of a username and password.
  • The application offers access to the terms and conditions, for this we must go to the “More” tab and select the “Terms and conditions” option, we recommend that you read it carefully.

To resolve doubts or problems that may arise regarding the confidentiality of our personal data, we can write an email to this address

User Experience

Next, we will mention the most notable points and opinions provided by the member of the Orientatech technical team who tested this application for a week, from the point of view as an end user.

About surprise packs

  • The user cannot know what is contained in the surprise pack.
  • Due to the fact that the content of the packs is a surprise, the application cannot offer information about allergens of the products that are offered. When collecting the surprise pack, the establishment must provide the customer with information on the list of ingredients, allergens and other information related to the labeling of the product, consult the establishment.

If you are gluten intolerant, we recommend looking for establishments known to produce or supply gluten-free foods or products. For example, a pastry shop or bakery specializing in products for celiacs.

  • There are only 2 food preference search filters: “Vegetarian” and “Vegan”.

Data confidentiality

We made the request for a copy of our data (More > Account information > My profile > Privacy and permissions > Receive a copy of my data), the message arrived at our email associated with the app account after approximately no more than one minute after requesting it.

The content of the message was as follows:

Image showing the message received when requesting a copy of the data

In addition, it included a file with a “json” extension where our data was observed. Unfortunately we know that not many people know how to open a file with this extension or how to interpret the data in the format that is written. For this reason, we believe that Too Good To Go should send our data in a pdf, Word or similar file that is known by more people.

External evaluations

Currently Too Good To Go has more than 10 million downloads, 765 thousand reviews and a rating of 4,8 out of 5 in the Android Play Store. A score of 4,8 out of 5 and 48,8 thousand evaluations collected in the App Store.

Below, we list some of the awards received by Too Good To Go:

  • The “Too Good To Go” project has been awarded in the I and II edition of the go!ODS Awards, for its contribution to achieving SDG 2: Zero Hunger through an app that helps food establishments reduce their food surplus at the end of the day.
  • Award for the best digital initiative 2018, in the XIX edition of the Ecovidrio Awards.
  • Winner of the categories: "Best Technological Project" and "Best Project in Sustainability and CSR", Hot Concept 2020.


Too good to go does not have such specific settings as choosing the contrast of the text or the size of the text. However, this can be changed in the settings of the device itself.

In addition, if we want to reduce visual fatigue we can activate the dark mode in the configuration of our device.

Image showing app interface with dark mode enabled

In case of belonging to some of these groups listed below, we can solve some accessibility limitations of the application with voice command tools or screen readers.

  • People with low or no vision: Thanks to screen readers like TalkBack for Android or VoiceOver for iOS, the use of certain applications is more easily accessible for people with low or no vision. For this reason, we have carried out tests complementing the Too Good To Go app with TalkBack to analyze the impact that the complementary use of these applications aimed at this specific group would have. Unfortunately, we have found small errors that make it difficult for this group to use the application. The errors detected are as follows: there are some buttons that do not have text labels, so they are read as "No text, button" (for example, the button to add the establishment to favorites), other buttons such as are only read as "In the list, touch to activate” but there is no mention of the name of the button or what its functionality is.

When testing with VoiceOver (iOS) we found that both apps are compatible, but there were some accessibility issues. In the "Explore" tab, the button to filter the search only says "Regulators button" but the user is not informed what this button is for because it does not say its name or functionality.

  • People with physical difficulties: We have carried out tests with a voice control app called VoiceAccess Available for Android devices.

We have observed that we can access the buttons without a description through labels assigned by the mentioned app, thus solving this problem detected with TalkBack.


The To Good To Go project fights against food waste, helping businesses such as bakeries, restaurants, supermarkets, greengrocers, among others, to sell the surplus food they have every day so that users can save packs with that leftover food at a reduced price (between 2 and 5 euros approximately), so that it is not wasted.

By buying a surprise pack we will be helping to preserve the environment by reducing food waste and CO2 emissions.


  • We can carry out searches filtered by name of the establishment, food preference, location, collection times, among others.
  • We can add our favorite establishments to a list so that we can quickly see if they have packs available to save.
  • It is possible to request our personal data and know what they use it for.
  • Through the application we can access the blog where entries on recipes, anti-waste tips, podcasts, among others, are published.
  • We can make donations to charities.
  • The application is available in many languages: Spanish, Catalan, Basque, English, French, German, among others.
  • The prices of the surprise packs range approximately between two and five euros. In addition, there are various forms of payment: PayPal, cards and Google Pay.

Improvement points

  • There are only 2 food preference search filters: “Vegetarian” and “Vegan”.
  • Labels on the allergens that the products included in the surprise pack may contain are not included.
  • When we request our data, we receive an email with a file with a "json" extension attached. Understanding this data can be difficult for many users, it would be advisable to have a pdf, Word or other more common file.
  • There are some poorly labeled or unlabeled buttons which make them difficult to access with screen readers.


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