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Turismo Accesible

Turismo Accesible

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What does it consist of:

How many times have we wanted to make a trip and we did not know which place to choose due to accessibility problems that could exist or the ignorance of whether the destination was adapted to offer accessibility. To solve this problem, Accessible Tourism appears.
It is an application that houses information on all those destinations that can be considered tourist destinations that have adaptations or accessible options, offering a wide variety of tourist and leisure options for people with disabilities.

Forms of acquisition:

We can download the application for free from both the Android Play Store and the IOs AppStore, since this application has been developed for both operating systems. If we want to contact the developers of the app: Equalitas Vitae on Android and IOs, we can do so through the following email for the Android version and for the IOs version.   Download the Android version at the following link:
Link download Accessible Tourism for Android
Download the iOS version at the following link:
Link download Accessible Tourism IOs

Technical assessment:

Author: Julian Maria Morejon Carmona
Date: April 2021
This complete application is designed to facilitate tourism and leisure for people with disabilities, offering information on the accessible means available in the location we want to visit.
In this review we will do an analysis of the app, both for devices with Android and IOs, because it is available in both operating systems, using Android version 9.0 and version 13.4.1 in IOs in the analysis.


Next, we proceed with the detailed analysis of the application.
When we open the application for the first time we find an interface that can be considered somewhat complex, since we will be overflowing with so much information on the map, but after using it we will see that it is quite simple to handle.
We will see a map centered on our country of location with icons of all accessible places and activities, the app has several options that will help us to properly filter the places according to our wishes.
Main Interface Example
If we go to the top of the app we will find a bar to enter the search location we want, just below this option we find the really more interesting options made up of:
- Accommodation Places: it will show us on the map or by means of a list the lodging places available in the indicated area.
Example Accessible Places in Spain filtered by Accommodation Example List of Accommodations in Spain
- Food places: it will show us on the map or through a list the places to eat available in the indicated area.
- Leisure places: it will show us on the map or by means of a list the leisure places available in the indicated area.
- Bus Routes: it will show us on the map or by means of a list the transport options available in the indicated area.
As we can see, it is possible to filter the options based on our needs and having a great facility to find what we are looking for without problem, so the functionality of the app is quite complete although perhaps not very intuitive.
Example List of Filters Available in Accommodations
On the other hand, the app complements the possibility of filtering through two extra options located at the bottom, in the first one, located on the left side, it allows us to select the provinces of the country that we have selected to filter results. While the option on the right shows us a list of countries worldwide so that we can select the one we want. 
Example List of Available Accommodations Filtered in Madrid
As if that were not enough, the app allows us to add an accessible place that is not registered in the application through an option located at the bottom of the app, which will allow us to fill in a form with information about the place that we are going to add.
Example Register a New Accessible Place
Finally, to complete the functionality of the app, when we select a site we will be shown a new interface with information, assessment and score of the place in a way that allows the user to confirm that the selected place will or will not meet their needs.
If we summarize, the application is very powerful, has multiple options and a functionality that covers all the necessary aspects to locate a suitable place to the needs of the user, although some option to help or explain is missing, since the myriad of options can overwhelm or confuse first-time users.


Being its main target audience people with mobility difficulties, its development has been based on this group, so it does not offer any integrated accessibility option for other groups.
To this we add that screen readers such as TalkBack may have difficulties in the app due to the large amount of information, for example on the map, coupled with the fact that it is not intended for the use of screen readers with the app, being a Not very complex to use it if we have any vision problems.
Also people with other disabilities, such as those that affect the mobility of the upper extremities, would find it difficult to use the app even using push buttons, due to the number of elements and movements to be carried out on the screen.
Finally, we must point out that the app meets the objective of helping people with mobility difficulties, it does not have sufficient accessibility for other groups, so we recommend its use only for the group towards which it is focused.


After having tested the application and all its functionalities, we can confirm that its main objective is met with outstanding quality and offers a very varied set of filters to help find accessible sites anywhere in the world adapted to our needs or tastes. 
In summary, the app is very good for its purpose, although it would have been interesting to include a tutorial section so that less experienced users in the use of applications could learn all the handling of the application and the wide variety of options that the application has. herself.


  • Logistics: Without a doubt it is the strongest point of this app, the number of options, filters and benefits that it offers us allows us to cover all the possible needs of the user to find the desired place.
  • Available on all operating systems: The app has been developed for both Android and iOS, so it covers all operating systems, which means that the entire user community can access its functionality without problem.

Improvement points

  • Accessibility: Although the app is mainly focused on people with mobility difficulties, including some accessibility option, even if it is minimal, can be really rewarding, especially for users with more disabilities than mobility.
  • Tutorial: Adding a tutorial or help section that guides the user on all the app's features would be appreciated, since many users may be left halfway in accessing the entire world of possibilities offered by the application.


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