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What does it consist of:

Ditto is a web platform that offers a wide variety of audio carefully designed by experts and neuroeducators for children between 0 and 9 years old. The purpose of this platform is to promote the learning process and cognitive development of children through stories, music, literature and children's programs.

Ditto's approach is based on providing children with an enriching listening experience, and at the same time, reducing their exposure to screens that can negatively affect their cognitive process. It has been shown that audio is an effective educational tool for the development of the brain of the little ones, and with which it is done, you can make correct use of technology.

In addition, Ditto's design and content is specifically designed for them, and does not include anything that deviates from the platform's own purpose. This guarantees a safe and appropriate learning experience for children.

Ditto home page: Audio stories, music and podcasts for girls and boys.

Forms of acquisition:

It is a free access web platform through the following link:

The free version allows access to 6 audios of content suggested and supervised by neuroeducators, as well as practical sheets made by them on the benefits of each audio. Although it does not require a cost, this version does not introduce advertising or external screens.

On the other hand, the premium version costs €5 per month without permanence and enables:

  • Unlimited access to the entire audio catalog
  • Content in English, the option to listen to new audios every week
  • Neuroeducator podcasts for parents
  • Play continuously without pausing

Currently, the registered user has a 30-day trial for the premium version so that users can test the environment before making a payment.

It does not yet have an application for mobile devices.

Technical assessment:

Create Account

To register you just have to enter an email, name and password, which for users who in this case belong to the children's sector, is very simple. You have to access it from the "try free now" button, but not the one that appears first in the main content, as this is to try the premium version for free. You have to access it from the button that appears in the "Audios designed by experts and neuroeducators" section.

The web platform

Once logged into the Ditto web platform, the main screen is presented which includes a brief introduction to the platform and a age filter, which offers the following options:

  • From 0 to 2 years
  • From 3 to 5 years
  • From 6 to 9 years
Main screen with filtering option by age "Hello Orientatech..."

Depending on the selected option, a wide variety of stories adapted for that specific age group will be shown.

In addition to the age classification, the platform also offers other categories for group the audios according to their type. These categories are available on the main screen and are divided into:

  • Audiobooks and audio stories
  • Podcasts
  • Music
  • For mothers and fathers
Audio stories and audio books available such as "The stuffed rabbit" or "the whale that was full"

Before choosing an audio and clicking on it, users can view the image that describes it, its title, the recommended age range and the language in which it is presented (if it is not in Spanish).

Information prior to an audio: Large title with drawings of musical notes: "Songs in English". Age range and language.

Inside each sound, users have access to different playback options:

  • Pause/Continue
  • forward 30 seconds
  • Go back 15 seconds
  • Adjust volume


They will also find an opinion of expert neuroeducators about the type of audio being played, including the advantages it can bring. In addition, a synopsis and details about the production of the audio are offered, such as the author, actors and artistic direction. In some cases, the audios are divided into several chapters, and are presented on the same screen as the corresponding audio.

Inside the audio story "Ulysses". Option 1: a castaway in featia. Option 2: The Trojan horse.

Additional Information

  • Up to 3 devices can simultaneously connect to the same Ditto account.
  • The audios are updated weekly in order to offer greater variety.


The Ditto platform has been designed to allow children to navigate through it autonomously, without the need for the help of their parents to choose the audios they prefer. The interface has been designed to be suitable for this young age, being highly visual, graphic and simple.

It is important to note that the platform does not contain distractions, such as ads, that could distract children while browsing, making the experience safer and easier to use.

The age filter function, together with the categorization of the audios according to their type, allow a faster and more efficient search for the appropriate content for the user.

Each audio has playback commands to pause, resume, go forward or go back, which allows greater adaptability to the needs of the child.


  • For people with reduced or no vision

The Windows Narrator option has been tested. When starting the page there is a button "go to content" to access the main content that informs about what Ditto is. This option is suitable for blind people to access the platform for the first time or to skip the menu. Navigation through the menu and the web has been tested successfully, as the narrator interprets all the link buttons and text sections correctly. It should be noted that by default the narrator, using the tab to navigate, will do so only through the links, but using the arrows it does access all the text sections.

The contrasts and sizes are appropriate and very careful. The predominant background color is navy blue with white lettering, a combination of colors that contrast with each other and make it easier to read. If the "Activate high contrast" option is activated in the computer's configuration, the web platform changes to white letters on a black background, which are also read correctly. In addition, the typography is chosen to integrate into a childish aesthetic, and it is perfectly legible.

  • For people with comprehension difficulties

The wide variety of icons supports the understanding of the platform. In general, each option on the web is well explained, as well as the purpose of each audio. In addition, information about the audio is provided to guide the user in their choice of content, for example, showing age ranges or intuitive titles.

As an addition, the audio categorization and age filter efficiently structures the web, helping people with cognitive difficulties to easily navigate through it.

  • For people with hearing difficulties

Although the explanatory content of the web is presented in text, images or animations, the audios do not have subtitles, so accessibility to this content is not facilitated for people with no hearing.

On the other hand, the quality of the audio files is high and the voices of the narrators are understandable, which helps people with hearing difficulties to listen.


  • The adaptability of the web to children (target audience) is notorious due to the simplicity and attractive visual aspect of the interface. The web design is very careful, both in organization and in terms of visual aspect.
  • The support in the concentration of children is driven by the fact of not adding advertising or advertisements.
  • The quality and variety of the audios, as well as the prior consultation with professional neuroeducators, gives rise to a professional and useful compilation.
  • It not only offers audios in Spanish but also in English.
  • The audios are updated weekly to offer more variety.

Points to improve 

  • Subtitle the audios to support accessibility for people with hearing difficulties.


In summary, Ditto offers a friendly and intuitive platform for children, in order to promote their learning and cognitive development in a safe and efficient way, as well as playful and entertaining. Its specific objective is to provide a wide range of audio or audio books with different narrators, verified by neuroeducators, to provide another vision regarding the use of technology, without distractions and very well adapted to its audience.

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