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June 2018


whatscinema is a free application for smartphone and tablet (iOS and Android) that allows bring cultural leisure, cinema and television closer to people with audiovisual disabilities, without interfering with the rest of the spectators. The solution offers software that integrates in the same application, free for the user and three accessibility systems: Audio description, adapted subtitling and Spanish Sign Language. Other possibilities of the tool are that it includes additional languages ​​and original versions.

WhatsCine technology can be used in movie theaters, with a server connected to a closed Wi-Fi network, which contains the necessary software to host, manage and synchronize the accessibility files of all audiovisual content, previously created by approved centers. The synchronization process, through a complex mathematical model, recognizes what content is being broadcast and launches the chosen accessibility at the exact point where it is.

In the case of Whatscine television, it is stored in the cloud, and works through the home Wi-Fi network, and also by 3G and 4G. The user only has to select the content they want to enjoy on the application's billboard and download the chosen accessibility to their device, leaving it ready for use from that moment on. 

For more details on how it works in the cinema or on television, you can visit the WhatsCine page: 

The WhatsCine project emerged in 2013 with the collaboration of two Spanish organizations, WhatsCine and the Carlos III University of Madrid. I have received several recognitions, such as the 2015 Reina Letizia Award.

Forms of Acquisition:

The application is free and downloadable through Google Play and the Apple Store:



In relation to the films available and the cinemas that have them in theaters and available with WhatsCine, they can be consulted here: 

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