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  • Main screen of the app
  • Voice transcription
  • Transcription's record
  • General settings
  • Support settings
  • Font options
  • Contrast options

What is it about:

ListenAll is an application developed by Alicante’s University in association with Vodafone Foundation to help people with hearing impairment to communicate and to help people with some physical impairment to create documents.

Forms of acquisition:

This application is free to download and it is available on both Google Play and Apple Store:



Technical verification:

March 2020

Listen all is an application that allows people with hearing difficulties to communicate with the people around them, although people with handling difficulties can also use it and create documents through diction.


Main screen of the app  Voice transcription screen   Transcription's record

This app has two main features: voice transcription and a record. Both can be accessed through the main screen.

- Text to voice transcription. It recognise the user or users voice that are taking part in the conversation and turns into text everything it collects.

- Record. This feature allow us to save the transcriptions besides being able to edit and share them with friends and through social media.


General settings   Support settings

This application allows us to configure different aspects grouping them in two sections:

- General settings. This section allows us to activate the intelligent transcription, that is, activate if we want the text to be structured in paragraphs and using punctuation marks. It also allows selecting a language of the voice recognition, with Spanish being the default language, finally, selecting no-connection transcription that allows us to download several languages to be able to save on the data expense of the device when you are using it without Wi-Fi connection.

- Text settings. This feature allows us to change the font size and the font type, in addition of choosing between five types of text and background contrast.

Font options   Contrasts options

In the configuration, we are also provided with a support section that provides us with a contact with the developers and certain information regarding the application.

Pruebas realizadas

Test performed

In order to analyse and be able to perform an evaluation of the application, a series of test have been carried out to verify its correct performance. These tests are going to be performed in an Android device.

The first test is related with the voice transcription, which have been carried out in three different scenarios.

- Conversation in a quite environment. During the test carried out in this scenario, the application has worked in a good way since there is no background noise. The sound is captured correctly, however, if the people who are participating are much separated from the device or even in a not much separated distance, sometimes there may be words that does not get captured or write them in a wrong way generating a gap in the transcription.

- Conversation in a noisy environment. During the test carried out in this scenario, the application has responded fine, although its operation has depended a lot on the place in which is being used and specially the amount of noise there is in the background, which makes the transcriptions not so good since it changes some words and others do not get to identify. Therefore, it is necessary to speak near the microphone of the mobile itself or use an external one, which is recommended, even when we are not in a noisy place.

In addition, this application has been tested with two different external microphones: one that is part of a headset that connects via cable and others that connect wirelessly via Bluetooth. In both cases the transcription has improve remarkably, however, there are still some words that are not transcribe correctly, although it is not a very serious problem since transcriptions can be edited. In any case, the use of external microphones is highly recommended as it reduces the number of faults in the transcription.


In general terms, the application works correctly, contributing to the fact that people whit hearing difficulties may be able to hold a conversation or so that people with any physical disability that make it difficult for them to write on touch devices can make documents. The latter could be very useful when taking notes in a class by providing the teacher with a wireless microphone.

The strong point of this application is without any doubt to be able to edit the transcriptions both, at the time the conversation is being made by touching the screen in the place where the error in the transcription has been identified and after saving it in the record section. This possibility of editing the conversations greatly mitigates the problems that may occur if the text is not transcribed correctly. This is the main difference that it presents compared to others transcribe systems we have previously analysed, such as Live Transcribe.

Another very positive thing is that the application is available for both Android and IOS, and being free make this an application to consider as a communication system.


  • Possibility of choosing between more than 100 languages.
  • Possibility of downloading the language you want to transcribe for using it without either, Wi-Fi or data connections.
  • Collected transcripts can be edited.
  • It is free to use and download.

Improvement points

  • It would be interesting if the text could be entered using the keyboard.
  • It would be interesting to incorporate a search engine to find in the record section the transcription you want to read more quickly.
  • The possibility of improving the application could be studied by making it possible to recognise when a question is made.
  • Design and manufacturing: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    Refers to the physical aspects and details of the manufacturing of the technological product
  • User Experience: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    This criterion is linked to the user's assessment of the product or application
  • Technical features: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    Description of the quality of the technical specifications of the technological solution
  • Accessibility: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    It is the degree to which people can use or access a product, technological solution or service, regardless of their technical, cognitive or physical capabilities

Social valuation:

Brief description of the application

ListenAll is an app to use with mobile devices, either for IOS and Android. Its function is to recognise the voice of the speaking person and transcribe into text, in a structured way so that deaf or hearing-impaired people can communicate. As well as the preparation of documents through dictation, helping people with motor deficits.

To check, analyse and value the usefulness for deaf or hearing impaired people and people with motor impairment, Pepe, our volunteer specialized in product testing for people with reduced or no hearing has performed different tests in typical scenarios of day-to-day conversations, as well as dictation tests.

Conversation between two people in a quiet environment

During the test performed in this scenario, he tells us that it works really well, since in the absence of background noise the pickup of the sound and therefore of the words is much more efficient, achieving a very good instant transcription. It is very surprising how the text is structured as it goes transcribing.

He also tells us that he has found very comfortable to be able to pause the transcription at any time, either to correct a mistake in the text or because the speaker is taking a break, etc.

We must try, as in other voice recognition applications that the speakers are not very separate because the mobile microphone is limited, and the distance accuses it a lot, causing mistakes or gaps due to lack of capture.

Conversation between two people in a noisy environment

In this scenario it depends on where we are or the background noise itself, the proximity and the position of the mobile phone to be able to capture the words and that the user can read the text which is being transcribed on the screen. It works correctly but limited by the background noise.

It is interesting and recommends us to use an external microphone, it is connected and used by the person who, when speaking, the microphone picks up the audio of the words really well and the transcription improves remarkably. You can also use a microphone via Bluetooth, so that it allows greater distance between interlocutors.

Conversation between more than two people inside a home

With the phone’s microphone, it often falls short due to its limitation. For example, at a table with 4 people, you can see the lack in the capture of the words of the most distant interlocutor. The use of an external microphone is recommended to ensure greater sound pickup. And it is necessary to emphasize that they try to speak orderly and avoid speaking at the same time.

Making documents through voice dictation

This function also helps people with motor deficits, which prevents them, for example, from writing documents properly.

It is really simple, by tapping the microphone’s icon you can start the dictation, the text is structured very well with its commas, points and paragraphs. Very much in its favour is the option to pause and continue at any time with the transcription, correct errors when pausing it, and be able to save, to later edit, share or print the text.

Whether to prepare interviews, agenda, work notes, eyc. It is a function for work and educational use that greatly favours accessibility for people with hearing and motor deficits.

Educational use

It is a great application for this purpose. Facilitates inclusion in the monitoring of classes or events. Easy to use by both, teachers and students.

By the teachers

Allows the teacher who has hearing impaired students to prepare and share the contents with them easily and immediately. Even using a lavaliere or lapel microphone, can transcribe in real time the development of the class.

By the students

It allows to receive in real time the explanations that the teacher dictates in class using an external microphone. As well as if the teacher prepares the content in the form of dictation by text, he can share it so that it can later be edited, modified and recorded according to the student’s criteria.

Monitoring of other events

Following colloquia, talks or presentations is possible only with an external microphone.

Integration with the Ability Connect app

Pepe wants to comment on this point since he considers it very important and essential. He has used the application both, to follow conversations and to prepare documents by voice dictation, for example, this report.

This app can be used both as ListenAll or through its full integration in the Ability Connect app. As a summary, it must be said that it multiplies the use and connectivity between users who need it.

 It is like using the ListenAll app but connecting several devices. The one that emit the text can transcribe the content in real time to multiple devices through Wi-Fi, data or Bluetooth connection.

It has also tested between various devices and it works very well, each receives exactly the same. The issuer can issue in spoken or written form.


Great app that favours the accessibility to communication for people with hearing and motor problems. It contributes to communication efficiently, although sometimes limited, being able to improve considerably through the use of external microphones.

Remember that no internet connection is needed for you to make instant transcripts, you just have to download the language pack to use. In certain scenarios the transcription is really good as long as it is spoken well, and the microphone of the mobile phone correctly captures the sound.

It allows for simple and very useful customization settings. From forcing only works via Wi-Fi connection, language, text and background colour, size and type source.

In a noisy or multi-person environment, he strongly recommends the use of an external microphone, which will allow us to better capture sounds than the phone's microphone, as a reporter or focusing it when there are several people gathered.

Very good for preparing documents using voice dictation. The text is structured quickly and logically.

For educational use or class monitoring, recommend the Ability Connect app in which it is perfectly integrated. Since it allows fluid communication and to several recipients, either by Wi-Fi, data or Bluetooth connection. The Wi-Fi connection corrects the limitation of the Bluetooth distance.

For him it has become a really useful and indispensable application, without a doubt it improves communication between deaf and hearing-impaired people, it also allows to prepare documents quickly, easily and without ads or advertising.


  • Ease of use, installation and configuration.
  • Quick and easy settings.
  • Ability to pause and continue the transcription at any time.
  • Possibility of saving the transcription for editing, being able to continue the transcription later.
  • Possibility of choosing multiple languages.
  • Possibility of connecting an external microphone to improve the sound pick up quality.

Improvements points

  • It would be nice to be able to access using the keyboard to make corrections or annotations without having to pause and record the transcription.
  • Possibility of using more than one microphone to capture the sound correctly, for example in family or company meetings.
  • It would be interesting the possibility of using the microphones of intelligent systems, such as Google Home or Echo from Amazon, so that well distributed in a room it can capture words well enough for the person user of the application do not lose the conversation.
  • It would be very helpful if, apart from the instant transcription that you do, you do the translation into the selected language, thus facilitating communication with people from different nationalities or when traveling abroad.
  • Impact and utility: 5 sobre 5(5/5)
    Describe to what extent the functionalities of the product are useful and impact on the improvement of the user's life
  • Usability and accessibility: 5 sobre 5(5/5)
    Possibility of the device to be used, understood and used in equal conditions for any person
  • Design and ergonomics: 5 sobre 5(5/5)
    Assessment of how the design of the technological solution adapts to the person to achieve greater comfort and effectiveness when using it
  • Ease of acquisition: 5 sobre 5(5/5)
    It refers to the possibilities of accessing and acquiring a technological solution by the user

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