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September 2018


MBraille is an application that simulates a tactile Braille keyboard. The touch for reading and writing Braille dots have a vibration or tactile sensation that differentiates it. It is only available on iOS devices at the moment.

The free version of MBraille allows you to compose, edit and send SMS text messages, and on Twitter. You have the possibility to also use predictive text.

With the full version of the app, you can use MBraille to:

- To send e-mails

– Call contacts by phone or Skype

– Update your Facebook status

– Add entries to the calendar

– Perform Internet searches

– Open Internet pages

– Write and edit texts, which will be automatically copied to the trash when you exit MBraille. These texts can be copied to any other application.


Writing in mBraille is available in the following languages: German, Croatian, Danish, Finnish, French, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish and Turkish. The program presents the menus and the complete help in these languages.


Forms of acquisition:

It is available in the App Store, and has a basic version that is free and two that involve payments: Braille Keyboard € 10,99 and MBraille Documents and Keyboard € 16,99.    

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Design and Ergonomics:
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Usability and accessibility:
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