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What is it about:

Dec 2018
Smartwatcher watches have a new line of emergency watches with built-in 3G mobile connectivity and with a standardized and attractive design for people with special security needs, the elderly and people who practice outdoor sports. With the locator bracelet you can receive help from family members or caregivers, references of the user. Whether at home or away, you can stay located within your private circle of security contacts. The "watchers" can track the location or are alerted when contacted by the emergency button.
The specifications of the terminal are: Built-in microphone and speaker, 3G, built-in SIM card, geotracking (GPS, WPS, LBS) and geolocation.

Forms of acquisition:

It can be purchased in physical stores in Switzerland, in the manufacturer's online store:
The prices proposed on the website include a Swiss Telecom data card:
The manufacturer's contact is:
+41 43 508 46 92

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